Cost structure of shipping 40ft container to USA from China

Cost Structure of Shipping a 40ft Container to USA from China Door to Door

Cost structure of door to door shipping from China to the USAThe total door-to-door shipping cost from China to the USA is comprised of 3 parts, Origin costs + Sea freight + Destination costs

Origin costs

Origin costs are these fees incurred at origin, from factory to the port of loading, often covered by seller since FOB is the most common incoterm. 
Truck fee: Pick up and deliver the container of goods from factory to port
Customs: customs clearance for cargo export
Booking fee: applied to each container booking in East China and North China, South China has no such fee
THC/ORC: THC stands for terminal handling charge; ORC stands for origin receiving charge. They two are actually the same thing, but at different prices. Ports that charge ORC charge no booking fee.
DOC: Shipping line documentation
Manifest: for customs
SEAL: container lock
EIR: Equipment Interchange Receipt
VGM: Verified Gross Mass
AMS: Automated Manifest System

Sea Freight

Sea Freight (ocean freight/sea shipping) is the port to port transport, and sometimes from a Chinese port to a US inland container terminal.

Destination costsHow much does it cost to ship from China to the USA door to door?

Destination costs are charges incurred after arrival at POD, mainly clearing, duty and delivering the shipment to consignee.
Customs clearance: import clearance, shipment entry
ISF: Importer security filing
With continuous customs bond, clearance and ISF are cheaper. It’s suggested to obtain continuous bond when you are importing frequently or high value products. 
Import duty: at actual cost
Truck fee: delivery from port to warehouse
Chassis fee: charge by day
Pier Pass, clean truck fee: For California
Pre-pull is recommended to avoid high demurrage cost, when consignee can’t receive the goods, or delivery can’t be done or there’s a holiday, but free storage time is out. It comes with cheaper storage fee.
Other fees may occur according to the specific situation and client’s requirements: chassis split, congestion, toll, warehousing, loading/offloading

Below is a clear illustration of shipping cost structure from China to the USA door to door, including offloading in warehouse.  
40ft container door to door shipping from China to the USA  
  Charges Amount Remarks  
Factory to port Truck fee 2400   Pick-up/return Yangshan terminal  
Customs 100   CNY100/each declaration  
Booking 420      
THC 1000      
DOC 450      
Manifest 100      
SEAL 50      
AMS 195      
VGM 50      
Port to port Ocean freight   4000 port to port shipping cost  
US charges Customs clearance   100 With continuous customs bond  
ISF   35 With continuous customs bond  
D/O   75    
Congestion   150    
Truck fee   950    
Chassis split   150    
Chassis fee   240 USD80/day (effective from Dec 1)  
Warehouse DOC   50    
Unloading   700 overweight, oversize  
Pier pass, clean truck fee   160    
  Subtotal 4865 6610 Subtotal in CNY and USD  
  TOTAL $7,376.14 Total in USD  
1. Valid till Dec 14
2. Import duty: at actual cost
3. Customs inspection fee at actual cost if it occurs
4. Waiting time: free 2 hour, USD95/H thereafter
5. Pre-pull: USD150 (if needed), coupled with storage fee USD50/day)
6. Insurance: Value×1.1×0.2% (optional)
7. Clearance fee: USD150 + (Value+duty)×0.5% (without continuous bond, min 65)
ISF: USD35+75 (without continuous bond)
If you are interested in door to door shipping from China to the USA, feel free to contact us or simply submit your requirements and get an update-to-date shipping quote from China.
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