Features of international logistics

1. International logistics process
International cargo transportation between countries and transportation between countries and regions are generally far away. In the process of transportation, it is often necessary to use multiple transportation methods, through multiple loading and unloading, and changing different transportation methods to send to different countries and regions.

2. International logistics involves a wide range, complexity and change
In the logistics process, goods need to be traded with people from different countries and regions, transportation departments, commodity inspection agencies, insurance companies, banks, customs and various intermediary agents. At the same time, due to different countries and regions, different policies and laws, different financial and monetary systems, different trade and transportation practices and business practices, coupled with changes in various political and economic situations and natural conditions, it will have an impact on international cargo transportation. Greater impact.

3. Involving international relations
In the process of organizing international cargo transportation, it is often necessary to have extensive contacts with foreign countries, which involve not only economic issues but also international political issues. For various transportation issues, international relations are often involved, and it is a strong policy. Therefore, people engaging in international cargo transportation is not only an economic concept, but also a national policy concept.

4. The era of international logistics is particularly prominent
Competition in the international market is fierce, commodity prices are changing rapidly, and import and export goods that cannot be delivered to the destination in time are likely to cause major economic losses; some fresh and perishable goods and seasonal goods cannot be delivered to the destination for sale in time. The economic loss may be more serious. For this reason, the shipment and delivery of goods are classified as the terms of the trade contract, and the transportation of goods is directly related to the performance of the contract, the fulfillment of commitments, the development of trade, and transportation will have a huge impact.

5. The risk of international logistics is greater
Due to the important links of long-distance transportation, international logistics involves a wide range, complexity and change, and a long time, so the risk is relatively large. In order to transmit the risk of loss during the transportation process, all kinds of import and export goods and transportation vehicles need to apply for transportation insurance. .

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