Best Air Freight Services Things to watch out for in Air Freight or Courier

At present, Air Freight or Courier services are very strict in the import and export of air freight. Generally, they need to go through various complicated procedures. Goods that involve health and safety generally need to undergo strict inspection and quarantine. Air freight forwarders are in international air freight logistics. Pay attention to handling many details during transportation.

The basic requirements for the outer packaging of airlines are that the goods should not be exposed and should be firm so that they can meet international transportation standards. The wooden box is preferably a wooden box made of plywood, mixed boards, etc. It cannot be a wooden box made of logs, because many countries have restrictions on original wooden boxes. Use wooden boxes to use forklifts, and the pallet should be flat on the ground.

Air Freight or Courier
Every ticket must have a safety certificate. CONSOL goods must be accompanied by a list. Chemicals, powder and liquid goods, including those containing batteries, must be accompanied by relevant certificates.

Finally, the quantity of goods is determined. It is best to complete the inventory before the goods arrive at the airport, which is related to the speed of entering the warehouse and the workload of the airport. Generally, the number of pieces provided by the owner is not accurate. The operator can re-accurate the accurate number of the goods after the goods are delivered or as soon as possible. The accuracy of the number of pieces will affect whether the written air freight label is valid.

When making a reservation, pay attention to whether the single piece of cargo is a large piece. If the gross weight of a single piece generally exceeds 80KG, you need to make a check or make an appointment with the airport in advance.
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