What are the Amazon logistics methods | shipping to amazon warehouses

shipping to amazon warehouses

Amazon logistics methods include: Amazon FBA, which is a delivery service provided by Amazon; third-party overseas warehouses, that is, third-party overseas warehousing services; self-delivery.
1. Amazon FBA
The full name of FBA is Fullfillment By Amazon. The Chinese translation is Amazon Logistics. It is a delivery service provided by Amazon. It includes one-stop logistics services such as warehousing, picking, packaging, distribution, collection, customer service, and return processing.
The seller prepares the goods to the Amazon warehouse in advance. After the customer places the order, the Amazon warehouse directly ships the goods to the customer. Domestic JD Logistics is an imitated Amazon logistics system. Whether it is self-operated or non-self-operated, as long as the goods sold through the JD platform, they can be shipped to customers through JD Logistics.

2. Third-party overseas warehouses
That is, third-party overseas warehousing services. Refers to the one-stop control and management service of goods warehousing, sorting, packaging, and delivery provided by logistics service providers independently or jointly for sellers in the sales target place. The seller stores the goods in the local warehouse, and when the buyer has a demand, he responds quickly and carries out the sorting, packaging and distribution of the goods in a timely manner.

3. Self-delivery
Self-delivery means that the seller directly delivers goods from domestic suppliers or warehouses to foreign customers after receiving the customer’s order, that is, the seller is responsible for a series of activities such as warehousing, sorting, packaging, delivery, and customer service.
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